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- Updated mods to work with the July 21st FIFA Update
- Fixed Arsenal and Corinthians team sheet issue
- Fixed some duplicate players
- Fixed some faces
- Fixed some lua script issues
- Fixed the Bernabéu nets bug
- Fixed the Manchester United and Arsenal kit fonts issue
- Improved Semedo's tattoo color
- A few other general fixes and improvments

- It now takes players longer to return to full fitness after a match
- It now takes players longer to recover from injuries

Crowd Attendances:
- Crowd Attendances now depends more on Popularity, International prestige, Domestic Prestige and Weather
- Crowd Attendances are now generally lower, for most games they will range from 90-95% instead of 100%, and for low important games like pre-season, they can dip down to 70%, although critical games will still usually sell out

Award Winners:
- Match Rating, match importance and league position are now bigger factors for winning awards
- Winning the Champions League now gives you a bigger chance to win Player of the Year
- Where you place in the top scorers and assisters now is a bigger factor for winning Player of the Year
- Changed League Modifiers to represent real life, the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga are now reasonably close with Ligue 1 behind them

General Settings:
- Updated Currency Conversions to represent real life

- There are now generally more news articles
- More realistic picture choice for news articles

- Away Games are now harder to play (for user and the AI)
- Derby, Rival, and Important games are now much more aggressive
- Form factors into gameplay more
- Realistic match intensity gameplay is more consistent, and overall games are more intense

- There is now a greater difference and variation in player's form
- Form now represents match ratings more accurately
- To have really good or really bad form, you must be playing really well or really poorly

Press Conferences and Player Conversations:
- Players conversations now take 10 days to expire
- Redesigned all press conference/player conversations questions and answers
- Press conferences and player conversations now have a much lower impact on morale
- Lots of new and updated press conference questions
- Lots of new press conference scenarios

GTN Scouting:
- Scouting is now much quicker and effective in the user's league
- In terms of how well a scout scouts a player, the scout's level matters more now, as 5-star scouts are better, and 1-star scouts are worse (all levels have been edited)
- In terms of how fast a scout scouts a player, the scout's level matters more now, as 5-star scouts are faster, and 1-star scouts are slower (all levels have been edited)
- Changed amount of players scouted for reports to slow down for each level (fewer for low levels, more for higher)
- Area Scouts are now slower, but in some instances can find more players
- Low-level scouts will now have a larger range for each attribute, and high-level scouts will now have a smaller range (so low-level scouts are less accurate, high-level scouts are more)
- There is generally a much more significant difference between each level scout
- Players now barley need to be scouted for their value to appear
- Players now barley need to be scouted (but more scouted then for value) for their wage to appear
- Time Interval for which a player is considered to have recently joined a team is now six months instead of 2
- Rotation players are no longer considered fringe players
- Scouting players during transfer windows is now quicker and more effective
- Auto reveal level is now higher for area scouted players
- Player data for fully scouted players now expires after 12 months
- Area scouted players will now be removed from the report after 2 months
- Player data for player specific scouted players will now expire after 4-12 months (depending on how much the player was scouted)
- In order for a player to be considered famous, they must have at least 85 OVR, 11 green attributes, or 4-star international reputation
- When the user signs a player, that player's potential will now always change by at least one (if the player is no older than 28), but can be up to 4 if that player is very young
- It now costs more to sack scouts

International Management:
- Added a ton more national rivalries
- More realistic international callups
- Expanded the list of generic stadiums that will be used in the FIFA World Cup 2022 from 3 to 8
- The World Cup 2026 will be played in 5 different stadiums throughout the US and Mexico, instead of just 3 random generic ones
- The World Cup 2030 will be played in 7 different stadiums in England, instead of 3 generic ones
- For the Euro 2020, 2024, 2028 and 2032, the games will be played in a variety of 6-8 different European stadiums, which change each year, instead of 3 generic ones
- You are now more likely to get national job offers from the team your nationality is
- Uruguay and Belgium are now considered top nations

Job Offers:
- You now get generally more job offers
- The selection of teams you get offers from is now more board (more variety in selection of leagues, and more teams available too)
- Manager wages are now higher

AI Team Selection:
- The AI will now play their strongest XI in most games
- The AI will now rotate in games against weaker sides, before big games, or in low importance matches
- Form now plays a bigger role in AI team selection, and regardless of age and rating, players will be given more chances if they play well, and less if they play badly
- The AI is now less strict about player fitness, and will now play player's even if they aren't 100% fit
- Randomness is now a slightly bigger factor in AI team selection, and it aims to replicate the variable added by a manager (like Man City's lineup against Real Madrid)
- Players are less likely to be played out of position
- Form Ratings are now much more realistic
- Fitness now depends a lot more on energy than stamina
- The AI now rotate in pre-season and in domestic cups

Player Career:
- AI team selection now has no bias for player career. You will get little if any gameplay at a big team like Liverpool if you are low rated
- Your transfer requests now get accepted slightly more often

Match Importance:
- Lowered match importance for pre-season tournaments and domestic cups
- Increased match importance for the league, especially at the start and end of the season
- Increased match importance against a rival

- Edited Morale Levels, they represent actual morale much better
- Redesigned team performance happiness based on temper, the previous match is a bigger factor for players with a hot temper, and a smaller factor for players with a cool temper (I've edited all the other factors and tempers too)
- Redesigned team performance happiness based on match importance, players can now get really happy or really sad for critical wins and losses
- Players will no longer complain after only missing a game or two
- Bench and bench challenger players will start to get angry if they aren't being played in any games, especially low importance ones
- Reserve players will be happy with only one or two appearances a season
- Redesigned Play Time Minutes system, reserve players will be happy to play just a few minutes, while first-team players want to play the majority of most games
- Contract Happiness is mainly about wage, not contract length
- Redesigned Team Chemistry factors based on personality, a team player will be more concerned about the team and player performance than squad role and contract happiness, and the opposite for a selfish player (I've edited all factors for all personalities)

Player Contracts:
- A lot fewer players are released generally
- Almost no starting XI players are released, but from time to time it does happiness
- Bench and reserve players are rarely released, but still much more frequently than starting XI players
- All players are now offered longer contracts
- The AI rarely releases young or high rated players, regardless of role
- Youth Players can now have contracts up to 8 years

Player Growth:
- Match Rating now has a much bigger impact on player growth, and player performance, good or bad, can change a player's career drastically
- Players (who are already on the decline) will now decline faster when injured
- Training will no longer interfere with player growth (before if a player was doing training sessions they would grow less)
- Players can now grow/decline more over and under the curve (there is a "curve" that determines where a player should be at what age, say, like, at 25 they should be 92% of their potential. Well, if for whatever reason (starting OVR and potential, injuries, match rating, random factor, training, etc), that player won't get a "growth boost" (ie they would grow faster) anymore. For players over the curve, I've made it so they can go more over the curve than before, but there is still a certain limit where it starts slowing down the growth, to prevent players from reaching ridiculous abilities easily)
- Redesigned player growth based on position (GKs will grow slower and peak at a later age than CMs, etc)
- Players now decline much slower, and the attributes they loose are more widespread, so nobody will be loosing 20 sprint speed in one season anymore
- The stats players grow are now much more realistic (young players grow primarily physical stats when they are younger, and their technicals only start to flourish when they are a bit older), and you won't see 26-year-old CBs gaining 8 sprint speed or something like that anymore

Dynamic Potential:
- Dynamic Potential is now much more subtle, and you won't get +12 increases for an above-average season anymore. You can still take a player from 70 OVR to say, 90, but it will take a few excellent seasons, instead of a couple of above-average ones
- You can now lose a lot more potential for having a bad season
- You can now actually lose potential for having an average season
- Dynamic Potential now has the same effect no matter what league you are in

Player Retirement:
- Redesigned retirement probability based on position
- Players now generally play a lot longer before they retire, and you'll get a few similar players to Ibra and Buffon in your saves

Player Values:
- Player Values are now much higher to represent the current market (it's now harder to buy players)
- Potential's effect on player values has been increased, meaning wonderkids like Mbappe, Sancho, Haaland, etc, are now much more expensive
- The world's best players like Messi, Ronaldo, Mane, etc are now over 100mil and very difficult to buy
- Player values for lower-rated players have been turned down, so it's easier to buy players as a very small club
- Old players are now worth less
- Club and player prestige now has a bigger impact on player values (ie, if there are two of the same players, one on Manchester United and one on Salford, the one on Manchester United will be worth a lot more)

Player Wages:
- Generally, player wages have been decreased to represent what players are paid in real life
- Wonderkids (players with high potential) now have much higher wages
- Redesigned league modifiers, so players are paid much more in the EPL, Bundesliga, China, etc than say, Ligue 1

Youth Scouting:
- World Class prospects are now a lot harder to come by, and you'll only find a handful a season, instead of half you players having 85+ potential
- It now costs more to sack scouts
- Scouts are now much more expensive, and it takes a big investment to get good players
- Workrates and now much more realistic, and it is now extremely rare to find an attacker with a low attacking work rate or a defender with a low defending Workrates
- Revamped Player type to positions, they are now much more accurate, and you won't get any CAMs when searching for defensive-minded players anymore
- The Potential ranges displayed in your scouting reports are now broader and less accurate
- Players now have much higher weak foot levels (3 and 4 are the most common, with 5, and then 2 and 1 behind them)
- Players now have much higher skill move levels based on position. You'll no longer get attackers with 1 or 2-star skill moves (at least not very often)
- Redesigned heights based on player type, they are much more realistic. No more 170cm GKs
- All players now have at least 1 trait, and the majority have multiple, some even getting 5, 6, or 7
- Redesigned trait system, the assignment is a lot more realistic; it's now rare for a skilled player to have physical traits, etc. Traits are now mainly based on their player type
- Scout missions now cost much more, and it takes a big investment to get good players
- There is now more of a difference in between scout levels for matching the player type (i.e., a 5-star scout will now much more accurately match the player type - instead of having to find an alternative - than a 1-star scout)
- Redesigned Alternatives types, they make much more sense now
- Redesigned primary attributes based on player type, they are much more realistic now, so you will no longer see a 90 rated ST with 68 finishing, 30 composure but 90 tackling
- Revamped youth and regen name pool, including around 50000 total new names (half first names, half last names) split into many different countries

- Made teams less OP, teams should now win the league with 90-100 points, rarely going above that
- Teams now score (and concede) a lot more goals
- A lot more cards are now given
- A lot more injuries now occur, but most of them are of light severity
- Players now lose more stamina per game
- More incidents (goals/cards/injuries) can and will occur
- Match ratings are now much higher to reflect played games, are generally most realistic based on how they performed
- The players who score/assist/score penalties/get cards/get injured are now much more realistic and now have factors like composure, aggression, energy, etc. This renders the top scorers/assisters/clean sheets/cards sheets at the end of the season much closer to real-life
- More substitutions are now made in sim games, almost always 3, but sometimes 2. A player doesn't have to be underperforming to be subbed off anymore

- All attributes can now be trained
- Training is now a lot less overpowered, and it's harder to grow players using training
- More training injuries now occur, but they are of lighter severity
- More realistic attributes for training drills (ie, penalties now trains composure, etc)

Transfer Budgets
- All starting transfer budgets have now been massively decreased to represent what the teams have to spend in real life
- Your transfer budget is now lower in the following seasons as well

- Overall, more income, but also more expenses, which together can make not going in debt a lot harder
- You now earn a lot more money from matchday tickets to represent real life
- You now earn slightly less money from season tickets to represent real life
- Redesigned the ticket income league modifiers to make it based on league ticket price, so La Liga clubs will get more per ticket then say, the Premier League
- You will now sell a lot more tickets for high importance and critical games, and less for low importance ones
- Popularity now has a much bigger impact on ticket income (bigger clubs will sell a lot more tickets and smaller ones a lot less)
- You now get a lot less income from merchandise (mainly jerseys) sales, to represent real life
- Redesigned merchandise income league modifiers to represent real-life (you'll get more money from merchandise in Spain than say England or Italy)
- Popularity now has a much bigger impact on merchandise sales, if you are a popular team, you'll get a lot more, if you are a very lesser-known team, you'll get very few
- Stadium Maintenance now costs a lot more, and is dependant on capacity, attendance and match importance more than before
- Travel costs have been increased, and they now depend on distance and match importance more
- Youth Facilities now cost a lot more
- Other expenses now cost a lot more

- To be considered a losing streak, a team must now only lose 3 games in a row
- The first board check comes after 8 games, and then then the second after 4 games
- The league (and European cup, but to a lesser extent) is now much more important, and if you significantly fail, you could be sacked
- The Domestic Cup is now a lot less important, but significantly overachieving it could save you Job
- Redesigned the end of season emails, they are now a lot more realistic, and the board will only say you are doing well if you actually are
- You will no longer get sacked for offering too high of a wage or too low of a release clause

Board Objectives:
- Slightly decreased the amount of money you have to get in the Premier League Media Earnings objective
- Increased worth of the Media Earnings objective for the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1
- Increased the amount of money you have to get in the Media Earnings objective for Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A
- Added Media/Competition Prize Money earnings objective for the Liga NOS, Eredivise, Turkey Super Lig, Poland Ekstraklasa, Belgium Pro League, MLS, Liga MX, Romania Liga 1, Scottish Premiership
- Removed the objective where you had to increase your season ticket holders by 10% as it was too hard (maybe impossible)
- Increased the game streak amount for the 85% and 90% crowd attendance streak objective
- Decreased worth of the 85% and 90% crowd attendance streak objective

- Redesigned every transfer algorithm, they are now much more realistic
- A lot, lot more transfers now happen. Usually, a team buys at least 3 players a window, sometimes even almost reaching double figures
- The AI now stall longer, which leads to some transfers taking longer, which means it's riskier to do transfers near or on deadline day
- It's now a lot harder to negotiate with the buyer, seller, and player
- Lower-reputation clubs are now more likely to put future fee clauses into contracts, especially when the player is young with high potential
- Redesigned Nation Moving scores, English players rarely leave England (and generally more players move inside their own country), more players go to Asia, more players make the move from North/South America to Europe, etc
- Players are now more likely to go to higher overall teams in high-reputation leagues
- Players are now less likely to move if the offered contract length is too low, they won't be playing their preferred position they have only been at their club for a short period of time, they have a lot of years left on their current contract, or the role they are getting offered is too low
- Updated League Ranks, they are now much more up to date
- Updated Algorithm for Calculating Improve Squad, Next Big thing and loan deals, it's much more realistic
- Old players are now a lot less likely to move
- Updated the max amount of players per position, it's now much more realistic
- The AI now doesn't stack up on one certain position (ie, 6 different world-class GKs)
- Updated the Fallback positions to make it more realistic
- Your Primary GK now has more weight than the secondary
- Teams now can't sign players that are much better than their average, so you won't see Southampton signing Neymar
- When teams sell a first team, or even rotation/backup player they don't have depth in, they will (almost) always replace them
- Teams now sign a lot more youngsters, and some may not be good enough to ever play for them (ie, a big team like Manchester United might sign young players that only have 75 potential)
- More transfers happen outside the transfer window, they just take a lot longer

Releases Clauses:
- More players now have releases clauses in La Liga and Liga NOS, like real life

- Unlocked all features below for edit/create player on the main menu, player career mode, manager career mode, and tournaments
Traits Editor
Edit all stats
Edit and preview face, hair, etc
Edit all personal info (name, nationality, etc)
Max and min-height and weight Unlocked
Edit animations (celebrations, running styles, etc)
Edit boots, gloves, accessories, etc
Edit position
Edit all other stats
No Name Character Limit
- Unlocked all features below for edit/create manager
No Name Character Limit
Edit Gender

- Unlocked hundreds of new manager outfits, boots, balls, gk gloves, and accessories

Language Strings:
- Added real names for all Unlicensed Clubs and Competitions

New Features:
- Enabled free side select, you can now play as the home or away team, or even not control the side. Yes, CPU vs CPU is possible!
- You can now simulate games minute per minute once again, but you can also skip to the end

New Tournaments:
- Club World Cup
- CONCACAF Champions League
- Joan Gamper
- Johan Cruyff Shield
- Copa do Brasil
- CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers
- African World Cup Qualifiers
- Expanded Copa America
- Brazillian League with 20 teams

- Realistic weather (changed the probabilities of all weather depending on country and mouth using real scientific data)
- Removed the splash graphic from the main menu
- Added custom Realism Mod startup graphics
- Decreased Pre-Season tournament prize money

Face Updates Mod

- Added 300+ face updates to players who already had an existing face in FIFA 20
- Added 5+ tattoo updates
- Added 3 face fixes, to fix little issues with the lighting

Boots and Gloves Mod

- Replaced 130+ generic, volta, outdated, and boring boots with the sleekist, newest, and in boots
- Replaced 15+ generic, volta, outdated, and boring goalkeeper gloves with the sleekist, newest and in goalkeeper gloves

Gameplay Mod

- Players now stumble and fall much more
- Traits have a more significant impact on gameplay
- Players with the "Dives Into Tackles" trait will now make more tackles
- Players with the "Finesse Shot" trait will now take more finesse shots
- Players with the "Playmaker" trait will now make more passes
- The AI wall now almost always jumps during free-kicks
- The AI wall now will charge less during free-kicks if there is 1 taker, but more if there is 2+
- The AI can now throw the ball further from throw-ins
- Players with the "Long Throw-in" trait can throw the ball even further from throw-ins
- Players go down easier and dive more often
- The AI now has more variation

- The AI now take more finesse shots
- The AI now take more chip shots
- The AI are now slightly more clinical on Legendary and World-Class Difficulty
- The AI now use slightly more power for long-range shots
- Chip shots now have more power
- Players with the "Fancy Flicks" trait now occasionally take fancy shots
- Normal shots are now slightly faster
- Normal shots now have slightly more spin
- Headers are now slightly faster
- Chip shots now have slightly more spin
- Chip shots are now faster
- Finesse shots are now slightly faster
- Finesse shots now have slightly more spin
- Chip Volleys are now faster
- Chip Volleys now have slightly more spin
- Low Finesse Shots are now slightly faster
- Low Finesse Shots now have slightly more spin

- The AI now preforms a lot more skill moves
- The AI now dribbles more and will take more time on the ball
- The AI now shoot more and take more long shots

- The AI now take more time on the ball before making a pass or shooting
- Lob Place Kicks can now go further
- Throw-ins can now go slightly further
- Long Throw-ins can now go slightly further
- Increased general pass search distance
- Increased minimum kickoff search distance
- Increased lob search distance substantially
- Increased lob goal kick search distance slightly
- Increased lob place kick search distance
- Increased through ball search distance
- Increased lobbed trough ball search distance
- Increased long throw-in search distance
- Slightly decreased spin on short passes
- Increased spin on long ground passes
- Slightly decreased spin on lob passes
- General passes are now slower on all difficulties
- Hard passes are now slightly slower on all difficulties
- Trough balls are now slightly slower
- Lob/air passes are now slightly slower
- Lob/air driven passes are now slightly slower
- Lob/air high passes are now slightly faster
- Lob/air trough balls are now slightly faster
- Throw-ins are now slightly faster
- Long Throw-ins are now slightly faster
- The AI now makes slightly fewer one time passes

- Players now make a lot more slide and stand tackles
- Teams now press more, especially when loosing
- The AI now have quicker reaction time during jockey situations on Ultimate, Legendary and World Class Difficulty
- The AI now block fewer shots/passes on all difficulties
- The user now auto blocks more shots/passes on all difficulties excluding Ultimate
- Slightly decreased spin on clearances
- Clearances are now slightly faster
- Defenders with bad marking and tactical awareness attributes now lose their attacker more often
- Defenders with bad marking and tactical awareness attributes now lose their attacker for longer
- Defenders with good marking and tactical awareness attributes now lose their attacker less often
- Defenders with good marking and tactical awareness attributes now lose their attacker for less time
- Players now make more push/pull tackles
- The AI is now much more aggressive
- The AI is now much smarter

- GK Driven Throws can now go further
- GK Normal Throws can now go further
- GK Normal Throws can now go even further for players with the "GK Long Throw" trait
- Increased Search Range for GK Normal Throws with the "GK Long Throw" trait
- GK Side Arm Throws can now go further
- GK Standing Throws now go further
- GK Standing Throws now go even further for players with the "GK Long Throw" trait
- Increased Search Range for GK Standing Throws with the "GK Long Throw" trait
- GK Driven Throws now have slightly more height
- Clearances now go further
- GK Driven Kicks now go slightly further
- GK Normal Kicks can now go slightly further
- GK Side Kicks can now go slightly further
- Lob Goal kicks can now go further
- Increased Negative Spin on GK Driven Throws
- Increased Spin for GK Side Kicks
- GK Driven Kicks are now slightly faster
- GK kicks are now slightly faster

Set Pieces:
- There is now a lot less aim, spin, curve and power error for corner kicks
- Chip Penalties are now slightly faster
- Chip Penalties now have slightly more spin

- Slightly increased amount of fouls called and warnings given
- More yellows cards are now given
- More red cards and now given
- Slightly fewer yellow cards are given for push/pull situations
- More fouls are called and warnings given for push/pull situations
- More delay on offsides
- The game can go beyond added time more often

Player Reactions:
- Morale now plays a bigger weight in player reactions
- There is now a lot more emotion in player reactions (to goals, tackles, saves, etc)

Graphics Mod

- Updates 400+ kits with the real life designs
- Updates 700+ banners with the real life designs
- Updates 50+ static adboards with the real life designs
- Replaces all the generic animated adboards with common real life ones
- Adds 9+ new balls
- Updates 50+ flags with the real life designs
- 25+ team logo Updates
- 500+ miniface Updates
- 30+ competiton logo Updates
- Real Pre-Season Tournaments
- 10+ real ad sponsors
- 35+ real tournament textures
- 3 new real trophies
- 30+ new real kitnumbers

Manager Faces Mod

- Updates 20+ manager faces
- Adds 40+ new managerfaces

New Faces Mod

- Adds 600+ new faces for players without an existing one in default FIFA

New Menu Mod

Menu Redesigns:
- Redesigns the main menu (letting you do much more, much more straightforward, all from just the first tab)
- Redesigns the manager career menu (showing you everything you need to know more easily)
- Redesigns the player career menu (showing you everything you need to know more easily)
- Adds a new panel to the main menu (Mod Info)
- Adds a new tab to the player career menu (Players)

All these redesigns have been made to be more functional, more info on the screen, but without looking bad and overwhelming.

- Replaces almost all of the EA images on the main menus, for updated slicker ones

- New warning popup with actions for transferring Players
- Game now autosaves after simulating a match and exiting the calendar
- New buttons at the bottom of manager and player career, letting you create an autosave, go into search player, go into edit pro and go into the calendar

Referee Faces Mod

- Adds 22 real referee faces from across the world, mainly England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil and the Netherlands

Regen Faces Mod

- Replaces all the 1400+ default, boring youth academy/regen faces with much more realistic, high quality, diverse and unique minifaces

Tattoos Mod

- Adds 130+ real tattoos for a wide variety of players

Turf Mod

- Inchances the default grass, pitch, and pattern files to bring them to life, making them more 3d, in depth, and much more true to life
- Changes the pitch colors to be much more realistic, not nessisarly as "beautiful" as other mods (they still look much more beautiful than default fifa), but much more realistic

Cameras Mod

- New smoother tracking system
- Wider zoom/height range
- New freekick, penalty and goalkick cameras

No Crowd Mod

- Removes the crowd from career mode games

Fantasy Kits Mods

- 150+ fantasy kits set (1 team per set, 3-4 kits for that team) that replace the club in question's default kit with cool concept designs

Manager Outfits Mods

- 30+ manager outfits that replace some of the clothes in career mode with club specific clothing

2020/2021 Kits Mod

- Adds 100+ leaked and confirmed kits from the 20/21 season


- Adds the BLM and NHS patches onto the Premier League teams' kits

Edit Outfit with Real Manager Face

- Allows you to enter "Edit Manager" with a real face applied in RDBM

Optional Faces

- 1 optional face update mod that overwrites the face update in the face update mod

Other Squad Files

- 4 additional squad files that you can load (the 4 are all variations of icon squad files)


- Almost 20 individual scoreboards you can use


- Adds more variation to the AI's gameplay, increases tackles, and unlocks banners and flags at all games. Also includes a slow version which generally slows down gameplay and certain aspects (speed, turning, passing, etc )

Camp Nou Lookalike

- Mod that edits Real Betis' stadium to be very close to the Camp Nou

Background Mods

- Adds 420+ individual background mods for a wide variety of clubs

Menu Themes Mods

- Almost 150 individual mods that edit the respective league's themes color scheme

TV Logos

- Almost 40 TV Logos that replace the existing ones

Squad File

- Adds realistic ratings for all players in the Premier League, including overalls, potentials, heights, weights, skill moves, traits, individual stats, and more!
- Adds real team tactics for many teams
- Adds real rosters for all Brazillian teams
- Adds real stadium names for all teams
- Adds real manager names of all teams
- Adds some real referee names


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