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里面有两个工具一个是编辑工具FIFA Editor Tool主要提供给喜欢DIY的玩家编辑和制作MOD用),一个是MOD补丁加载工具FIFA Mod Manager打补丁必须用到的工具)。

Mesh settings window is no longer shown in taskbar (Editor)
Added support for batch importing RigidMeshAssets (Editor)
Improved performance of tool startup (Mod Manager)
Added Auto-Launch Live Editor feature (Editor and Mod Manager)
Improved performance of filtering data explorers (Editor)
Added support for parsing and uncompressing IBX compressed XML files, and recompressing them back to IBX in .BIG files, including settings to enable the automatic behavior (Editor)
Added a IBX Converter Tool, to convert files to XML or IBX, with support for individual files and folders (Editor)
Reorganized Tools menu items (Editor)
General minor performance improvements across the tool (Editor and Mod Manager)
Minor performance improvement to launching the game (Editor and Mod Manager)
Added warning when trying to use the Batch Asset Reverter with an empty input box (Editor)
Enabled Export and Import buttons in the EBX Property Grid (Editor)
Added temporary workaround for modding after the EA anticheat update (Editor and Mod Manager)
Updated some text and logging across the tool (Editor and Mod Manager)
Updated FC24 SDK (Editor)
Updated third-party dependencies (Editor and Mod Manager)
Other improvements and fixes (Editor and Mod Manager)


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