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Change Log from v1.1 to v1.2 :

1 - Moved female players to their clubs (or as close to as possible)

2 - Updated minifaces for almost all of Liga NOS players and female players

3 - Updated international badges so that every national team has their national team logo instead of flag

4 - Updated badges for 2 teams : Angers SCO and Gil Vicente

5 - Unlocked over 1000 clothing options and hundreds of boots for managers and players respectively

6 - Expanded the top 9 section (when searching by country in career mode) to make it a top 12 by adding Belgium, Croatia, and Uruguay to the top nations

7 - Fixed the Roma and Juve teamkits issue

8 - Updated training plans so that it can be a bit more balanced (for example, made a dribbling only plan for RM and LM, allowed ability to train skill moves for all positions except CB, buffed shooting and defending plans for CM position, added shooting for CDM, RB/LB, and RWB/LWB.

9 - Fixed the Brazilian League compdata issue, so now it runs with 18 teams instead of 14 teams and has an 18 team schedule.

Changes from v1.3:
1- Added official squads for many of the Arab Teams

2- Added over 250 players, many from international countries

3- Added kits for most Arab Teams

2、使用FIFA Mod Manager工具将文件导入到游戏中即可。


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