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New features in the TU4 complied version:
- no major updates on the squdfile like new players etc. because that may collide with already started careers!
- kit position fixes for several kits
- Olympique Lyon/Marseille flags/banner fixed
- Roma and Atalanta kits and badge fixed (if you have already started a career you need to import the "teamkits" table with RDBM from "EEP Download -> Addons -> Table Fixes for already started careers" into your career file)
- fixed edit-players problems in career mode

EEP 1.0修正版更新日志:
-updated EEP Squads to EA Squadupdate of 20th December (latest one that exist)
- new addon for boots (thanks to BML and team!)
- new addon for skinny arms/missing kitnumber of youth players
- new addon for Energie Cottbus and VfB Lübeck which adds banner/flags/scarfs
- new addon for russian career -> realistic transfers and finance values in russia, not recommended if you play outside of russia also conflicts with other realism mods...
- added sky bundesliga logo for bundesliga scoreboard (thanks to andy)
- added Besiktas players (Welinton and Josef de Souza) that got ignored by EA in FIFA 22 lol
- added few missing players and removed wrong ones on new teams
- added russian cup and supercup to "cup finals" in kickoff mode
- added russian and new rest of world teams to cl/el/conf league of kickoff tournaments
- fixed several vanilla teams with wrong name/number colors (was through eep, no vanilla errors)
- updated Alemannia Aachen home/away (thanks to FIFAProoMods)
- fixed multiple goalnet color and style of new added teams
- fixed several name/number position on kits of regionalliga teams (thanks to Wova for reports)
- fixed missing badge on russian teams in league matches
- fixed name of Russian Supercup
- fixed and updated stadium and manager names (thanks to Falco for help, in case you already started a career you need to import the "fix tables for already started careers" with RDBM22)
- fixed a bug in extended player/manager editor (main position changed after you change boots of a player)
- (untested, please report if not working) fixed crash when RUSSIAN league winner celebration was not skipped

2、使用FIFA Mod Manager工具将.fifamod文件导入到游戏中即可。


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