FIFA23 实时外挂工具Live Editor v23.1.2.6

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由国外大神Aranaktu制作的FIFA23 外挂工具Live Editor ,这次更新的是v23.1.2.6,这个工具只有一项功能,可让您添加legacy文件并覆盖现有的头像,队徽,球衣文件。

- Works with Title Update 12
- Added to Players Editor:
- Other -> Team selection bias
- Other -> Team selection bias position
- Added to Formation Editor:
- Offense -> Build Up Play
- Offense -> Chance Creation
- Freeze Lineup
- Removed from Formation Editor:
- Offense -> Offensive Style (seems to be no longer in use by FIFA 23)
- Live Editor will now update cached formations in career mode when you change formation in Formation Editor.

- Live Editor settings can now also be changed from the launcher.
- Added "locale.ini" editor in the launcher.
- Added option allowing for player name change in player editor.

- You can now perform search by name or id by clicking "Enter" key, instead of mouse clicking the magnifier icon.
- Fixed problems with Live Editor Mods Directory (hopefully for good)
- Changed default directory for mods and other LE data from "<YOUR_GAME_INSTALLATION_DIR>\LiveEditorMods" to "C:\FIFA 23 Live Editor"
- config.json is now stored in "C:\FIFA 23 Live Editor" instead of the LE folder to keep your settings even if you update the tool.

- Works with Title Update 10

- Fixed game crash that were occurring on slower machines while waiting for game window.
- Changed default injection delay to 100ms

- Added "Misc Features" with:
- Unsackable
- Club Transfer Budget
- Added support for file paths containing UTF-16 characters (not fully tested).
- Searching players/teams by name will now also match accented characters. (For example "makelele" will match "Mak閘閘?)
- Fixed artificialkey field error in "CreatePlayer" lua function
- Reduced GPU & Power usage by the launcher.

- It's possible now to define custom score for favourite and disliked teams.
- Added advanced filters for players and teams.

- Added to Teams Editor:
- Stadium
- Kits

- Added Fixtures to Teams Editor (Match-fixing & Rescheduling Games)
- Fixed caching offsets, minor game updates shouldn't break the tool forcing you to redownload anymore.

- Added to Teams Editor:
- Transfer Bans
- Formation Editor

- Works with Title Update 6
- Added 2 new traits to players editor, First Time Shots & Round the Keeper (thanks tokke001)
- Added Player OVR column in Transfer History list

- Added "Transfer History" with option to undo unwanted transfers.

- Added "Teams" and "Team Editor" with:
- Basic info
- Players
- Manager
- Standings

- Added "Season Statistics" to player editor

- Fixed blacksceen issue.
- Launcher:
- Fixed "Error access denied" (maybe, lol)

- Fixed:
- Filtering values in the edit option poup
- Launcher:
- Fixed auto inject delay
- Fixed "Error access denied" when starting the game maunally

- Added:
- Lua Engine
- Fixed:
- Editing player jersey number

- Launcher:
- Fixed editing injection delay when using auto inject
- Increased default injection delay from 300ms to 3000ms

- Works with Title Update 4
- UI Changes:
- Replaced combo input with searchable input
- Fixed:
- Crash when loading player that doesn't exists, but have teamplayerlink

- Added:
- Option to transfer players
- Option to loan players
- Option to terminate loan
- Fixed:
- Adding & Removing players from transfer & loan lists

- Added:
- New launcher icon
- Option to import miniface
- Fixed:
- Adding/Removing player injuries
- Editing player performance bonus, wage, form & morale

- Chants are now disabled by default as workaround for the robotic sound issue. Can be enabled back in Settings->Other.
- Added:
- Menu Item for reloading Players
- Menu Item for reloading Database

- Support for Trial game version
- Support for command line arguments

- Launcher improvements:
- Adde fake EAAntiCheat launcher. No more installerdata editing, no more clearing cache

- Fixed d-pad input lag
- Launcher improvements:
- Added option to auto close launcher after dll injection
- Added error message if EA Anticheat detected
- Added check for non-English characters in live editor & game path
- Auto edit installerdata.xml (still requires to clear cache on EA App tho)

- Works with Title Update 2
- Added placeholders for missing accessorycolourcodes
- Added option to generate minifaces in player editor
- Fixed in player editor:
- displaying minifaces of youth players
- player role
- editing age

- Update for FIFA 23 includes:
- Legacy File Browser & option to modify them
- Database Editor
- Players & Basic Players Editor


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